Highly recomment!! A review of Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Hadn't stayed in Reno for about 20 yrs so was quite worried at paying around $100/per night for a spa suite at a 'unknown' hotel (unknown to me..) But, this hotel is great! Was a very classy place, not cheesy at all. Had a very large casino(kept getting lost at times), I did very well on video poker, well enough to last long and not blow money very fast at all. Our room was very! nice. We didn't use the spa but was beautiful and had lots of pretty mirrors. Our room was clean and like brand new. When using the stall shower, people in the rest on the room couldn't hear the shower at all. Also, the walls must be well insulated because couldn't hear others, even when they were outside our door. Only thing that bothered me, seemed the only music they played was country and blues. Neither of which I'm fond of. Also, after about nine P.M., they seem to close all their restaurants and their food court area, so everyone is 'funnelled' to the coffee shop so there's a very long line waiting. We went down Virginia St, and they too close their restaurants early. That sucked, isn't like Vegas. Also, eating at the Food Court, had to wait a very long time for service, only one girl handling many people at the Chinese place. Seems was the same at all that area because there were lots of people waiting all around me for the different types of food. But if anyone is wondering if this place is ok, I say is very nice, I highly recommend. (All the waiters at the coffee shop were very nice and eager to please. A Maria and another girl I think, Cabletto? were very good servers). Ok, I've had my say. Hope this helps others. Just make sure to get in the tower because I've heard there are some rooms off to their own, like a motel, that are bad.

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