Helpful staff not bad for a cheap hotel A review of Hotel Globales Costa Tropical

I would like to write an honest opinion of this hotel, as it is always nerve racking when you dont know a resort.

The hotel itself is really stuck in the middle of nowhere. There is one bar close by and thats it!Depending of what time of year you go it may be busier. This really isnt a problem though as the taxis to caleta(which is about 5 mins away) is about 3 euros, and they are very regular.Caleta is nice lots of places to eat and bars, but not huge, so dont expect blackpool!.The hotel was hilarious really. The bar was a room with tables and chairs,The entertainment was a cd player most nights and our shower only heated enough water for one person per day.It was very clean though, although i wouldnt recommend the food, I was sick the only time I ate there.I thought it definately had character though, and i have found,holidays really are what you make them. We sat up one night with a lump of play dough we we were given and the kids loved it!.I would love to recommend this hotel and give it 5 stars, but I think people like to live fast nowadays and wouldnt enjoy it.Take woolies for evening, it got quite cold at night.I dont think I would stay tropical again, purely as the kids love shows at night and a bit more to do, But To be honest this has been the most relaxing holiday i have ever had,

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