Helped make Prague memorable A review of Corinthia Hotel Prague

For Americans who are used to modern amenities, this is a very comfortable hotel. It doesn't have old world charm, but it more than makes up for it in comfort. Now it is not located near most of the tourist attractions, but it is practically on top of a subway station. Also, Prague allegedly has untrustworthy cab drivers, but the taxi services available from the Corinthia are good and fair. There are several restaurants including an Asian restaurant and an Italian restaurant (best tiramisu I've ever had) and a very affordable basement restaurant next to, of all things, a bowling alley. Breakfast offerings were terrific.

Like I said, it isn't centrally located, but the advantage there is that it allows for an incredible view of the city including the cathedral, the river and the castle. It is completely, completely worth it to splurge for an upper floor room facing the city. There was a problem w/ our room being too small for three people and the hotel quickly apologized and moved us into a upper floor suite at no extra charge. The lower room did have a really great view too, however. I was nervous about going to Eastern Europe and this hotel really made me relax.

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