Heed These Reviews -- Not Good for the Price A review of Meadowbrook Inn & Suites

After having read the recent reviews on the Meadowbrook Inn, we checked for other availability in the area, but couldn't find much. So despite what we had seen on TripAdvisor, we went ahead and stayed at the Meadowbrook, and even upgraded one of our rooms to a suite.

The short story is that we were sorely disappointed with the quality of this hotel for the price. Be wary that the website makes the Meadowbrook look much better than it really is in person. We were promised that the upgrade to the suite provided us with a "nice patio" with four chairs and plenty of room for four people to sit. When we arrived, we found that the porch was exactly the same in both the suite and the non-suite room -- a small concrete box with only a view of the roof of the hotel next door and a small alley below. The porch only had two chairs, and barely had room for a third. The porch was not the worst of the experience though. Our hotel room door had a broken lock and easily came open with a firm push. There was no mattress pad on the bed, and the fitted sheet was worn and continually slipped off the mattress. The television didn't work properly and when we called about it, the front desk suggested that we should check to make sure the VCR wasn't turned on -- but there was no VCR in our room as advertised. The bathroom was poorly lit and had old fixtures. The furniture was worn. The continental breakfast was meager and you could find better at most budget hotels.

To their credit, when we discovered most of the problems (mattress pad, television, door lock) it was after ten o'clock and the hotel staff offered to try to fix the problems. But at the end of a long day, it was too little too late. When we spoke to the management the next day when checking out, they offered a 25% discount on one of the rooms, which I suppose is better than nothing, but it was less than what we paid to upgrade to the very mediocre suite. All in all, for the money, I would go elsewhere. You can find much the same location and at least the same quality at cheaper rates in the area.

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