Heaven A review of Fihalhohi Tourist Resort

Absolute paradise. Flew first choice airway , top class, huge seats, very comfy. Once you get to Fihalhohi a speedboat takes you to the island which is a treat in it's own right, keep an eye out fo rthe dolphins who like to race the boats on your way to the island. Once you get there you just leave the hustle and bustle behind you, look forward to a holiday with no telephones, no television, just pure relaxation.

Not sure of the correct terminology but at first we were in a mid-range room which we thought was nice until we upgraded to the water villa, cost us$80 per night but worth every penny. go see reception (really nice and helpful) once you get there if you are interested in an upgrade - we asked our travel agent (first choice) to arrange this before we went but apparently this is something that needs to be done once you get there.

Day trips are excellent but they could do with giving a little more info in advance, e.g. island hopping involves optional snorkeling so bring your snorkel! Dolphin watching was fab but spoiled by a couple of french chaps who dived in every time we got near the dolphins therefore scaring them away. Apparently other trips where people didn't dive in the dolphin came right up to the side of the boat.

Food was nice but not very varied, worth going in just to see the staff dressed up for the various theme nights. Every night has a theme (chinese, indian, bbq etc) and the staff dress up n coyboy outfits etc.

Bar was reasonably priced - Carlsberg/Heinekin 1/2 litre cost us$3.5, bottled beer $3, spirits $2.5, soft drinks $2.

There was some entertainment each evening ranging from Bingo, Karaoke, Crab Racing to (surprisingly good) live band. All very cheesy but good fun.

Overall, loved it, second time in Maldives and would go back here again. Staff couldn't have done more and were genuinely friendly and helpful. We were in Velavaru before which was outstanding and while Valavaru had probably better food Fihalhohi comes out tops overall. Looking forward to the autumn already!

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Fihalhohi Tourist Resort
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