Having a hard time correcting a mistake they made A review of Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport

Our company had a booth at the INDY show at the RCA dome in Feb of 2007. I booked all our salespeople there and kept very good tabs of our reservations. While we were there, the front desk and everyone were quite helpful, though the renovations at the hotel kept the elevator monopolized for most the day. All in all it was a pretty good stay. However now I'm being charged on my credit card for a "1 night deposit" penalty charge for a room that I had cancelled back in November 2006. It took forever for them to even figure out why I had my card charged and now its been a total of 6 working days emailing, faxing, calling them to try to show them that I cancelled it via email request to their manager. I've called numerous times and to no avail, no conversation with manager. This is the 7th working day that I'm trying to get my card credited. I would have to say that if your stay goes perfectly and they don't make any mistakes you are fine. If they do make one, it can eat up a lot of your time trying to get it fixed. For this reason I would not return here.

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