Half the size of a room in a USA motel 6 A review of Hotel Chambord

The pictures they post on their website and brochures are not what you get when you book a room. I wish I had found this website before I stayed at this hotel. The staff are rude and anti-american, the rooms, especially the bathrooms, are dirty, Multiple times we had to wait over 5 minutes from someone to let us to the front door at night since they lock it. (the guy was sleeping in the back) Yes, there's no keycard. It's an old fashioned key tied to a 3 lbs weight. There's no lock on the inside of the door to keep houskeeping out, not to mention the lack of a "do not disturb" sign. Housekeeping walked right in even without knocking.

The room was also very hot. With no wind, it's in the upper 90 degrees. Yeah, no airconditioning. There's also a lot of noise in the walls/ceiling at night.

Breakfast sucks. If you don't get there within 20 minutes of when they open breakfast, there's nothing left.

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