Half Good, Half Bad A review of Harborside Hotel & Marina

We stayed in the Harborside Marina Hotel, formerly known as the Golden Anchor. They didn't tell us that they were under major construction when we made reservations - the pool that was a deciding factor in staying here was surrounded by construction equipment and loose soil.

The staff were obviously annoyed at having to deal with all of the construction and it spilled over onto their customer service - getting information from them was like pulling teeth. I would expect that the staff would try to make up for the inconvenience of the construction to their guests by being extra helpful, but that was not the case. For example, when asked about the pool on our 2nd day, they reluctantly said that they had an arrangement with the Hyatt Regency down the street to use all of their facilities. They should have told us that when making reservations or on check in. When we went to the pool at the Hyatt, we found that they wouldn't allow us to charge refreshments to our room at Harborside. There was no hotel information available on such things as linen service, hotel map, check-in/out times, when the continental breakfast was open (variable from day to day apparently), etc. It would not be difficult to write up a simple document on these sorts of things and photocopy it for your guests. They made no effort to accommodate our request for two adjoining rooms, even though we asked when we made the reservations and again on check in. They also made no effort at getting cup of milk for me when asked - the woman at the counter was quite cool in fact. The chamber maids were so careless that I didn't tip them at all (a chewed up green pepper was left on the bathroom floor from the previous guests, they did not dust, I suspect they did not change the linens during our 5 day stay, they did not take care of some used papercups and napkins that we used and forgot to throw away, and were generally unfriendly when we met them in the hall). The doorman appeared to work 12 hour days or more all week, and was apathetic. The one personnel exception was the male attendant at the continental breakfast - he was so helpful and friendly! On the plus side - the bed was extremely comfortable (2nd only to my own); they didn't allow the construction workers to start making noise until after 9 as far as I could tell, the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, etc were from Bath and Body works and were wonderful; the bathroom was beautiful - a great size and layout; the continental breakfast was the best I have ever had (try those muffins); the fridge in the room was very useful; and the location (walking distance to Main Street) was fantastic. As long as you don't need anything more than provided, the place was wonderful. The price was reasonable at $150 a night. With a little bit of effort, this place could be great.

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Harborside Hotel & Marina
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