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I just returned from a trip to this resort and I had a very good experience. I read the reviews posted on this web site prior to going and I was really worried! I had no need to be, it was really nice.

Everyone was very polite and friendly, the rooms were top-notch. The kitchen and bathrooms were fully stocked and everything was clean and new. The location is perfect, it is between the high-class Gatlinburg village area and the more comercial Pigeon Forge area. We went to Dollywood, took a tram ride, shopped, went to the national park, ate at the Dixie Stampede and many more fun things. I took my Mom with me and I was very proud of the accomodations. Now I do want to mention a few things about timeshare ownership in general. It is true that they do push a product on you. They did want to meet with me to sell me more time. I suppose one could feel annoyed or pressured by that, I simply said "I absolutely do not want to meet with anyone again, I am on vacation." and that was that. Don't be pushed around! Also I must say that timeshares that don't lock you into a specific week, such as Westgate Smokey, do have pros and cons. Theoretically you can go whenever you want, but you must plan in advance. You can't just say "I want to go to my timeshare next month". You have to plan far in advance, if you don't you will be one of the people who cry about room availability. I have found Westgate to be okay with customer service, but you can't fly by the seat of your pants. Plan in advance and enjoy!

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