Great weekend getaway A review of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Took a long weekend (Aug. 21-24) at the Doubletree Oceanfront Cocoa Beach. It was our first time in this part of Florida, and we just wanted a weekend to lay by the ocean and do nothing. We popped in and out of a few other hotels during the weekend there, and were very glad we chose this one. It had a much nicer pool area than the others (especially the Hilton!), and the hotel lobby/ambiance was the best.

The few problems we encountered would probably not deter us from staying here again however, with just a few minor adjustments, this hotel could really be top of the line. They said in their literature that the hotel was built so all rooms face the ocean. This was true, except for all but 8 rooms, you only got a tiny glimpse of water way in the distance (if you are lucky). Nothing can certainly be done about that, but they shouldn't advertise it falsely. The biggest problem was that some of the people that worked at the hotel seemed overworked and frazzled, and they conveyed that to the guests. They had a beach rental desk by the pool, and every day we had to go back in to the front desk to request someone come out there - often times twice! We had no idea what was available for rental and they never told us. We did rent lounge chairs and umbrellas for the beach because we knew that is what we wanted. Clean-up around the pool area was not kept up with. Dirty dishes, towels, etc. lay for hours at a time. And this was considered off season! The ocean was extremely beautiful, but the whole area right off the wooden bridge that took you there was really dumpy. We were very surprised there was no rental place directly on the beach (except for RonJons which was a LONG walk away). The hotels could rent surfboards, jetskis, chairs, umbrellas, etc. and get LOTS of business)!

There were MANY convention/business people there throughout the weekend. The only time this seemed to cause a problem for us (and many others we observed) was when the one restaurant on premesis had what we thought was a private party on Friday night. What the hotel should have done is close the restaurant and bar to all other patrons. Instead, they left it open, but all of the rest of us felt like we were crashing someone else's party. Again, the employees were very busy and clearly did not want to be there. The woman bartender that night was slamming pitchers, making comments (out loud!), etc. Some people even walked out! Bottom line - they need to hire a few more employees who are really on top of things...Just paying attention to detail would really help this hotel become cream of the crop in Cocoa Beach.

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