Great waterpark--So-so hotel A review of Great Wolf Lodge

The water park is awesome. My kids (9, 7, 4) said it was the best time they ever had. They would not stop thanking me for booking the trip. The thrill rides are thrilling, the wave pool is exciting, and the play areas are a blast.

Now, for the constructive criticism.

1. Everything involving the front desk is painful. We arrived before the official check in time. But, we read the hotel's FAQ and knew that we could play in the pool. After waiting in line for 15+ minutes, we finally got checked in, but were told our room was not read. Fair enough ... off to the waterpark.

At 4:30, I went to the front desk (dripping wet) to get a room key. THE LINE WAS OUT THE DOOR. Since I had already checked in, I asked if there was a way I could get my key without having to wait in line. NOPE, wait in line again (45 minutes this time).

2. The room was nice, but missing little things like a phone book and pens and paper. The beds are cozy and the temperature was just right. Note: The ice machines are waaaaayyy at the end of the hall.

3. The food service leaves a lot to be desired. Coffee is from one of those push-button Douwe Egbert machines. Coffee, lattes, and hot chocolate all come out of the same spout. We skipped the buffet because I did not want to pay $18 to eat what looked like dorm food. The Camp Critter restaurant, while pricey, had much better food. I had pulled pork that was pretty good and my wife raved about her salad. For breakfast, you are stuck with pastries from the ice cream shop (with the push-button coffee) or the dorm food buffet. (There is a McDonalds/gas station about a half mile away though ...)

4. The front desk is painful. The (graciously) permitted us a 1:00 pm check out. However, after returning to the room (dripping wet) we found that we were locked out because it was past "official" check out time (11:00 am). Back to the front desk. Only after some cajoling did I get to jump the (out the door) queue to get a new key. Oops, key did not work. Only after 35 minutes, did some one show up with a working room key. Ugh!

Again, waterpark: AWESOME. Hotel: not so much.

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