Great Views - Ur Laready inside the park - But expensive! A review of Hotel Cataratas

We went as a family of 4, (2 teenage kids), and stayed in a suite on the first floor up last suite on the left side of the hotel when you come out the elevators (I forget the room #) but ask for this suite because it has the best view, most privacy and is furthest away from the Hotel Pool Noise. The suite is large enough for 4 people, if you're not staying too long. I don't see the point in staying longer than 3- 4 days max. In Iguazu anyway.... because you've pretty much seen it allin that time.

We stayed 2 night, and one of them was Dec 31st. We reserved the New Years Eve Dinner for $ 100 USD per person. Which I must say was very festive, tasteful, fun! The food was above average, and the champagne flowed freely. Otherwise I do not recommend eating at the hotel, as it's veyr overpriced and you can eat a fantastic "all you can eat" hot/ cold buffet at the canteen style restaurant right next door where the trails go off (Ask the Hotel where the "viejo hotel" is- an abandoned first hotel.. which sits right below the actual Sheraton). That restaurant serves amazing food for practically nothing! Whereas the Sheraton is overpriced for lunch and dinner and very mediocre.

The hotel was clean, there were two large TVs in the suite.. with Ok. reception. The air conditioning worked fine. I must say that the VIEWS form the room and terrace are BREATHTAKING AND THE TERRACE IS HUGE! Probably almost as big as the suit itself! Toucans flew by the terrace and we also spotted cappucin Monkeys trying to steal our wet swim suits! ( so remember to tie up anything you leave out)- It's worth asking for the suite furthest to the left ( as above mentioned).

When we were there a few weeks ago (Dec 31;05- Jan 2nd 2006) the pool was in repair (something we HAD NOT BEEN TOLD) before or while booking the $ 600 USD a night suite. I was angry about that! Because it's very hot in Iguazu and a swim after touring the trails, would have been more than welcome. ( the alternative is a mini bus that takes you 15 min to another hotel which has a pool) but we found that to be a real nuisance! Basically, if you're going ask ALL QUESTIONS FIRST.

Also, I would advise asking about the pool work because on the day we left ( Jan 2nd, it seems that the workmen who had been off for the holidays had started work again and the noise was very loud, bulldozers etc..)

It IS WORTH getting a "Cataratas view" i.e. view of the falls, as opposed to a back view. But I don't think the suit is worth the $$ unless you're going to be 3 or 4 people in it.

The great advantage of the Sheraton, is ( aside from it's fabulous, incredible views of the Garganta del Diablo) is that you're ALREADY INSIDE the national park, and don't have to drive in from your hotel, or take the cute little Disneyland-like train in and pay the day pass. No, at the Sheraton, the trails actually START from the hotel.. so you just walk everywhere from there.

IGUAZU is definitely worth a visit!! You won't regret it.. and that story that the summer is bad time because the falls are dry? Well if those were dry falls,.. I can't imagine what it's like in winter. The heat was more than bearable. like FL. on a hot humid day.. and the excursions like the motor boat that goes under the sprays of water are worth the $$ too! They even shoot a DVD for you to take home of you under the falls.

Basically, if you can afford the Sheraton, STAY THERE. And stay only 1-2 nights.. that's enough.

Best regards! & Have fun!

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