Great view, so so experience A review of Beach Terrace Inn

Stayed here in the fall of 2003. This hotel has the location to be first class.

Booked a full ocean view room. They tried to switch me to a partial view room until I showed them the e mail confirmation. We got the full ocean view room & the view of the ocean was great! This is the high point of this hotel. The room was a bit dirty and dingy. They had a (minimal) breakfast buffet set up next to the sign in desk with a matronly staff member acting as a the "buffet orderly." If you desired an extra cup of coffee, you couldn't just pour one yourself (or the Buffet Orderly would chastize if you tried), but you had to wait for the Buffet Orderly to get around to refilling your coffee cup. The Buffet ORderly made it appear that she was trying to discourage guests from more than one trip to the buffet.

The hotel seemed to be run by several ladies in their 60s or 70s. They had cats jumping around on top of the sign in desk in the lobby and in other lobby areas. (I'm serious about this.) Caveat: my wife's negligee disappeared from the room & never turned up. We suspected someone from the housekeeping staff. Maybe we didn't tip them high enough.

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