Great View but Way too Many Problems A review of Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Downtown

My fiancee and I stayed in the Radisson in downtown St. Louis during June 2003 to go to a few baseball games and see the sights of the town. The hotel was very reasonably priced ($70 per night) and was in a great location, near everything in downtown and close to the light rail. We loved the view we had, as our room on the 20th floor overlooked the Arch and the Mississippi River. Plus, the hotel staff was very good about suggesting things we could do in St. Louis and how to get to various places in St. Louis. However, we were very disappointed by everything else during our time at the Radisson. Some of the minor problems (which normally wouldn't be problems unless if it was for the major problems) included not getting a copy of the morning paper like they promised, the limited number of channels on the TV (we had about 12 channels), the remote control to the TV in the living room area not working (they did correct this problem after we called down to the front) and one of the fixtures in the bathroom falling down after we took a shower and were cleaning off the mirror.

However, it was the major (and pretty much unacceptable) problems that really bothered us. First, the hotel staff never put enough towels in the bathroom anytime they cleaned the room. We came back from a baseball game one afternoon and discovered that we only had one hand towel and one wash cloth. Needless to say, it was very difficult for me to take a shower after the game. We also discovered that the ice machine on our floor and the two floors above and below didn't work. When I called down to the front desk about where a working ice machine was, I was told that none of them worked and housekeeping would bring up ice to my room. While that got me the ice that I desired, wouldn't it have been better to have working ice machines? And finally, the hallways smelled like DAMP DOG. Since there was no dog to be found, that meant mildew. It was very nasty in the hallways. We did not notice it in the room, but still not the way you want to walk out of your room to get to the elevators.

Overall, I know that the Radisson was undergoing changes, but I felt that they should have done a better job of keeping up their place. I've been to many cheaper motels that had none of the problems of this hotel. While I had a good time in St. Louis, my fiancee and I have agree never go to a Radisson again after this experience.

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