Great Value once again but rude staff A review of The Holland Hotel

You may of noticed I left a review back in November 05 praising this place and nothing has changed since then,it is still by far the best value accomodation around there which offers a clean,safe and great base location for easy access to New York City and anywhere else you might desire to head off too.Since that last review I have stayed here 2 more times and both times the quality of the hotel has been fantastic but by staying here again ive noticed that the staff can really be down right rude to guests which really is not on,for example I booked another 2 nights and was asssured they were confirmed and added onto my existing reservation and when I went to settle up the bill for the extra nights to carry on my stay she told me that they had given the reservation to someone else and when I told them that I was promises and even confirmed a room they replied "tough thats your problem" in those exact words no lies about this and I found this very frustrating as a guest to be talked to in this manner and that is why on my next trip to New York this will not be the accomodation of choice as I dont expect to be talked to in that manner when you are providing them with business and have been there several times before,but for all of you looking at this review who have never been there dont take this as a reason not to stay there because if you can handle the attitude they have you will not find a better value and location for the money ($75.00 per night) anywhere else.

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