Great value in an ideal location. A review of Bora Bora Beach Resort

My boyfriend and I spent 4 days at this resort and were extremely satisfied with our stay. Upon our arrival in Bora Bora, we were promptly picked up by a friendly driver who transported us to the hotel. Driving up to the property is quite underwhelming, since the lobby is small, dimly lit, and very close to the road. Also, the stretch of road nearby the hotel and thoughout the Matira area is unfortunately strewn with a significant amount of litter. However, once you walk through the lobby onto the beach, the hotel more closely resembles a 4 star property, with a nice stretch of white sand, lovely lagoon views, and no trash on the beach. The resort could stand to have a few more beach chairs, since we ended up having to rest on the sand several days due to a chair shortage. With the arrival of multiple guests on the same flight, hotel check in was somewhat slow, but we eventually were escorted to our room across a small road. Less than a 3 minute walk to the beach, our room was very clean, well air-conditioned, and comfortable. We did see some ants crawling up the wall in the bathroom and called the front desk to see if they could provide some insect spray. They replied that spray was "not allowed" on the island, but we could pick up some other substance to put in water to drive the ants away. We decided to leave the ants alone, since they weren't anywhere near the bed or the small refrigerator under the desk. The only other inconvenience we encountered is that the hotel does not have an ice machine, so you must take a plastic bag (no ice buckets are provided) to the bar and ask them to give you some ice. One of the bar staff seemed somewhat annoyed by our repeated requests for ice, but all the other staff were quite accomodating.

We spent our time using the kayaks provided by the hotel, paddling over to a nearby motu for snorkeling. We also kayaked around Matira point over to Matira Beach to snorkel nearby the Hotel Bora Bora, which has an amazing number of fearless and colorful fish on its reef. I also completed my Open Water Scuba Diving certification through Nemo World Dive Center which is located right next door to the hotel. My instructor, Sebastian, was very professional, witty, warm, and enthusiastic... a great fit for beginner and intermediate divers.

Aside from the litter along the road, the location of the resort is ideal in that it is nearby a decent food market and La Bounty restaurant, which had excellent poisson cru and fair prices. There is also a great snack stand (Sunset Pizza) nearby that makes tasty crepes and pizzas. This place was extremely popular, so it is best to order your pizza and walk back to your room or the beach and pick it up later since it is hot and there are alot of insects in the area!

On New Year's Eve, we dined at Top Dive, an exquisite "New French" restaurant on the other side of the island (they also provide free transportation). Upon our return to the hotel, we watched the Polynesian show with music and fire dancers until midnight. The performances were spirited, and the resort staff seemed to take great pride in the party they were throwing for the guests. It was the most unique and delightful New Year's Eve I have ever spent. Overall, this property delivers great value on such an expensive island. I hope they continue to make efforts to keep the property clean and encourage others in the neighborhood to dispose of their trash properly to help preserve the beauty of this amazing place.

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Bora Bora Beach Resort
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