Great Value....but........... A review of Miss Sophie's

It's 2 or 3 metro stops away from the 'Main Places' such as the old square but dont let that put you off. The Hostel is very 'Boutique' style ( they refer to themselves as a Hotel - Not sure why? ) and is very trendy but lacking any atmosphere. There is a very smart looking communal seating area downstairs which should be 'happening' but again...seriously lacking any atmosphere! It was empty most of the time we were there which was great if you want some peace and read a book etc but theres no music, no vending machines, no coffee in the morning ( ahhh!!! ) ...........but free internet access!

The rooms are clean, a bit bare but ok, the shower was superb, the bed wasn't great and the whole place stank of cigarettes despite it being a NON SMOKING hostel. This really made me mad ( sorry to the smokers but please..... ) each time we entered our room the waft of cigarette smoke from the people puffing away in their rooms came seeping through the ventilation system so it literally smelt as if someone had been smoking in our room.

However, after all my honest opinions.............if its just somewhere to kip for the weekend thats very warm ( we had 6" of snow when we there ) and just a few minutes walk from a metro station AND walking distance from one of the hippest , coolest, laid back bars/eateries ( club downstairs at W/Ends ) called RADOST FX. You gotta go there:The food is excellent, cheap enough and its very cool.

So....have fun!!

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