Great value at a discount chain hotel! A review of Holiday Inn Express Nashville Downtown

During a recent visit to Nashville, TN, I wanted to be in the near-downtown area and close to the Parthenon. One of those great little online bargain search services (unnamed to not show favoritism) directed me to a 2 star hotel at a great price, around $55 night. For my purposes that was just about right. What was so surprising was that the hotel was the Holiday Inn Express on corner of 10th and Broadway (West End in town) across from the Historic Union Station (now a hotel).

I've previously stayed in the latter which is architecturally outstanding but in terms of service staff abysmal. The staff of the Holiday Inn Express at this location, though, were Beyond Attentive & Prompt -- really and truly, these are among the best trained and concerned Holiday Inn Express workers (or motel/hotel workers anywhere) I've ever witnessed. By contrast, a few days earlier I stayed in the Holiday Inn Select across from the Parthenon in Nashville and the quarters were so dreary by comparison.

The HI Express downtown first of all was some other large hotel 20+ years ago and it underwent a major renovation in the last 3-4 years. They have much larger than average rooms that are well appointed, a great exercise room, pool, lobby level free internet access computers, and the best darn continental breakfast that any hotel in the US has ever provided as part of the room charge! It was clean, tidy, well-staffed, a large restaurant type room with tv's, and the food choices were quite extensive too. At other motels/hotels, the breakfast alone would have been $10 per person. I couldn't get over it; this was really the HI Express??

So, an extremely helpful staff member who assisted me with luggage told me more of the story of that hotel. He had been with it for 15 years or longer and knew its history and had lived through the renovation. He was so helpful with dining suggestions, where to walk (or not), and insisted that I have him paged if anything wasn't up to snuff! I mean really, when has anyone at an old HI Express ever taken such a caring interest? But he was not the only one; the front desk staff and staff who seemed to walk about inquiring if all was well with the stay were impressive.

When I last stayed at that historic (surely, it is) hotel across the street at the old Union Station, I paid $125 per night and was treated rudely almost by every worker and got No breakfast. So, the moral of this story is, you can enjoy places like that (the old Union Station), but save your $$ and try the discount motel chain that the unnamed search service selected for me.

Far from being a 2-star motel; the HI Express downtown was a 4-star operation even if others don't know it. . .yet!

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