Great value and good quality A review of Comfort Inn

I stayed in this hotel for one evening, and as soon as you enter you know it was very recently built. All the rooms are very clean and new but very small, so if you're looking to spend a long time in your room or have a long stay (like over a week..) then I would recommend elsewhere. However, it's a great hotel and I had no problems, and above all, it is VERY cheap. The neighborhood ain't exactly pretty, but I came back to my room past midnight and wasn't too worried, the area has a fairly major road running through it and it was filled with cars. The hotel is about a 30 sec walk from a subway stop, so really no problem. Great hotel,however the manager let himself into my room while I was in it, claiming he needed to "verify someone was in the room". That knocked it off from a 5/5 in my book.

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