Great Room, nice resort A review of Glacier Canyon Lodge

We spent five days in a three bedroom premium unit at Glacier Canyon lodge in early January. We found the room to be extremely nice. The furniture was extremely comfortable and the plasma tv was fantastic. We really like having a full kitchen because we prefer to eat in as a family for some nights rather than eating out all the time. There were a few things I would change about the room however. The fireplace is not a real fireplace. It is a simulated fireplace that has fake electric flames produced by lightbulbs and a little space heater on the top to give the illusion that it is heating the room. I do not understand why the did not just put in a gas log fireplace. It would really be a great addition. They also only put one pot and one pan in the kitchen. When you are trying to cook a meal for eight people, one small pot and a small pan are not enough. I am giving it four stars because it appears that they were on the right track, but stopped just short.

The walk to the indoor waterparks is a nice hike, but not the huge trek that some people make it out to be. We enjoyed chatting on our walks and made it a family experience for ten minutes.

The Great Wave at the Wild Waterdome is a great wavepool for adults and teenagers, but the waves were too big for our 4 and 9 year olds. When the pool is crowded, it can get a bit dangerous with people flying everywhere. I had a person surfing on a tube crash into me and knock me underwater. They do have a large amount of lifeguards watching the pool, even though they were not that friendly. I think most are on an exchange program from Eastern Europe since many did not speak english very well. The Wild West Waterdome would be more fun if they added more slides rather than just the two tube slides it has. Kids can get bored here after about an hour or two due to a lack of variety.

The Wild West waterpark is fun as well. However, many of the interactive blasters and other play items in the waterplay structure were missing buttons or were inoperative. They need to add to the maintence budget. The Fantastic Voyage raft ride is a real kick, but they were only using two tubes. Waiting 20 mintutes for a 30 second ride got old after awhile. When we asked the lifeguard if they were going to add more rafts his response was " We are understaffed and do not have anyone that can blow up the other rafts with the compressor" It just seemed as if the customer service skills were lacking in the waterparks. They also had the CannonBowl slide shut down due to staffing issues. The body slides and the indoor/outdoor hot tubs at the Wild West were alot of fun.

The pottery place was alot of fun for our girls (and my wife for that matter). The selection of items was good, but the hours of 9AM-Noon seemed a bit short to me, but they enjoyed it. Our kids also enjoyed the arcade and the dry play areas.

Bottom line:

Glacier Canyon lodge has very nice comfortable rooms for familes and the amenties at the Wilderness resort are nice. They just appear to be skimping on staffing and maintenance a bit. Unfortunately it is beginning to show. But overall, it was a nice experience. We will most likely stay in a condo at Great Wolf Lodge next time we return, but the Glacier Canyon Lodge is nice alternative.

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