Great Room, Dingy Area! A review of Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center

Okay, this is a brand new hotel, as several other visitors have pointed out. This means your room is brand new and clean and not shabby. You've also got a basic complimentary/Continental breakfast that saves you a coupla dollars. That's the good part. The second part isn't too good--at least for someone like myself who didn't have a car. You're nowhere near downtown. You've got to pay mucho dinero for a taxi or try and figure out the public transportation system which I have no patience for since I live in NYC and that's one of the reasons I wanted to leave NYC for a long weekend was to avoid the public transportation system. Since I came in and departed on Amtrak, I asked the desk clerk if the shuttle went to the train station. Without looking up, the woman receptionist said no. When the cab driver drove me to the hotel, I couldn't believe he drove through a construction area then up to the entrance of the hotel. I said: "This is the Hampton Inn?" He nodded his head. You're right next door to an enormous hospital so if you got into a fight with the hotel staff, you have an emergency entrance right there. If you want a bite to eat, you're out of luck. Yes, you can walk and walk to a McDonald's I saw from my 3rd floor window but since it was l2 degrees and at night, I had no desire to go forth to seek and find. Luckily, I had booked a room for only one night so I wasn't stuck there. And by the way--either the walls are as thin as paper or they have a weird type of soundproofing because across the hall was a large family with loud, yelling kids. At times, it was like they were right in the room with me, a not pleasant thought. The pleasant cabbie who drove me back to the train station said that next time, I should make sure my hotel/motel is 'Downtown.' That way, you can around and actually see some of Boston. But if you want a brand new hotel, with big rooms, lots of towels--and you've got either a car or you don't mind busing or subwaying around the city, this could be a good bet.

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