Great restoration, poor service A review of Hilton President Kansas City

The President has been wonderfully restored. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and the rooms were spotless with nice comforts. However, when my wife and I stayed at the President (April 2006) the terrible service made it very questionable whether this property rushed to open. Upon reservation we requested a room with tub bath. Before arriving, my wife called to confirm 3 seperate times that our room request would be filled and each time we were assured it would be. At arrival we checked in, went to our room and of course no tub. Requesting the correction, we were told they would try but were unsure which rooms had tubs or not and that a convention was in and they requested certain rooms - so what, individual travelers are less important? Anyhow, after hours of "searching" literally going from vacant room to vacant room to find no tub, some facilities person told the manager and receptionist - you silly there are no tubs in our rooms... are you kidding me??? no one else knew that? later, ordering room service - the waiter had no clue regarding wines listed on their extensive wine list. she didn't even know that a pinot gris was a white wine. the trip was part relaxation, part business and we needed to use the internet, yet the teleport system hilton choose to use was terrible. it would not work in our room. they brought up a wired connection and that wouldn't work either and i had prepaid for a 2-day use! the system in the biz office might have been dial-up it was so slow. all of these problems were told to the managers, none who made any attempt to rectify the situations or make our stay better in some other way - a drink at the bar at least, jeeshh!

again beautiful place, poor service. the staff are not up to caliber for this type of property.

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