Great Resort- Bad Snorkeling A review of InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora

We just stayed at the Thallasso Spa & Resort for our honeymoon and it was great. If I could desribe this hotel in one word, it would be luxiourious. The bungalows are beautiful, elegant, and incredibly spacious. There are a few complaints we have however... Don't stay at this resort if you are into snorkeling or expecting a great beach. We were so excited to have an overwater bungalow with the glass floor to see the fish at night... The only problem is, there are NO fish and NO coral... We snorkeled all over the resort (as it is rather large) and there were no fish to be found, anywhere. We asked the conceirge where good snorkeling was, and they pointed out to lagoon. We said we just swam this whole area, and there was nothing. They blamed it on the currents and said that is why??? FYI, if there is no coral, there will be no fish. What we heard from others on the island is that they had dynamited this area to build the resort and they have not "replanted" the coral. Until they do this, there will be no fish. We heard there is great snorkeling at the Pearl Resort though if that's what your into. This resort is perfect if you want a beautiful view, room, and resort (but that's about it). We had a meal plan where breakfast and dinner was included. These could be used at the sister resort LeMoana as well. Don't waste your time or appetite going to the sister resort though as the food and service was not worth it. We enjoyed the food at Thallasso Spa but would recommend skipping the dinner show / buffett. We went to Bloody Mary's on the island, and this is a MUST. The only bad thing is the boat stops running at 10:30pm so you can't plan on staying out late and enjoying the scene.

Be aware.. we called our Travel Agent "collect" from the hotel and were charged $235 from the resort. I called and spoke to the manager and he said that we would have to get reimbursed from our Travel Agent. I didn't understand that as they had already accepted the charges and were not going to reimburse us. It took several discussions to finally get the charges removed while we were checking out. We were honeymooners and had requested a more private bungaloo at the end pier about 6 months in advance, but unfortunately did not receive it. We actually got placed on the complete opposite side, right in the middle of several others. I was upset at first, but you are in paradise so it just took about 10 minutes to get over! One more thing, checking in took FOREVER. They pamper you with wet towels and a refreshing drink which is great, but then we ended up sitting there with the other couples for about an hour. This was irritating as the weather was beautiful and we wanted to get going and we had to just sit and wait. Other couples were actually falling asleep while waiting and we weren't the last to go... As far as activities... the concierge service is great, but they will charge you about 30% more than if you book the service yourself. Here is the problem- they make it very hard to get the #'s for the tours. They want you to book everything through them- We had to find brochures on the island of Bora Bora in order to do this. Be aware that you are actually staying on a Motu facing Bora Bora and you have to take about a 15 minute boat ride to get there. This was okay with us though as we were not impressed with the actual island of Bora Bora itself. If you want a beautiful island, you have to go Moorea- Overall, the resort is amazing and I would recommend it- We won't stay here next time, only because we want to snorkel and see all the beautiful fish. We will try to stay close to the Corel Gardens!!!

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