Great quality, good location A review of Renaissance Brussels Hotel

I paid $75.00 in June on Priceline.Com, and got what was one of the most highly ranked hotels of my guidebook. Renaissance is owned by the same chain as Marriott (where I also stayed in Brussels) and I can highly recommend them both--and have.

I've already written a review of the Marriott Brussels, so I will review this one, but with an eye toward comparing the two together.

As for price, I got them for equal value on Priceline.

The Renaissance is in a good, safe location--it's not as near to most of the tourist attractions as the Marriott, but it's near some of it's own. Nearby are some of the EU buildings (I understand--I just stayed on the weekend), but the Royal Palace, nice parks, and the art museums.

If you've ever been to London, it's a bit like staying in the Kensington area--It's not the MAIN tourist area, but it's got alot of attractions and a charm of its own.

The rooms and room service were very nice, although my room might have been a bit smaller than in the Marriott.

The workout facilities/spa were superb--which may be a small feature to many, but is very important to my wife and myself.

If you want to be closer to everything, you might want the Marriott.

If you want to be close, but not in the highest tourist area, this might be for you.

Overall, I'd choose the Marriott again, all things being equal, but this would be my second choice!

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