Great potential, dismal service A review of Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center

It's hard enough finding somewhere to smoke in America, and making a confirmed smoking reservation only to have it turned into a non-smoking room on arrival was really the pits. Even worse, they had allocated 3 non-smoking rooms on the end of a smoking corridor, so I could smell everyone else enjoying themselved while I dutifully sat outside on a chilly balcony!

The immediate first impression you get of this place is a fabulous location in huge grounds next to a vast lake, with an awesome indoor pool and jacuzzi plaza area in the centre of the building. We had booked a Heritage room which was *vast* with two double beds, two 27" televisions, a balcony with seating, and a nice lake view.

But you need a bit of service to go with it. The worst experience was breakfast. The hotel was full of guests attending a conference for sufferers of Parkinsons Disease, so there were a lot of quite severely disabled people staying. The staff serving breakfast were very slow and unhelpful. They could have got able-bodied people to sit on the raised area up the steps and kept the flat area for the disabled, but instead they kept the raised tables made up for dinner and extremely rudely told the poor old shaky people they were just going to have to stand outside and wait. We finally got some coffee after half an hour, but never actually succeeded in getting any milk to put in it, and every single cooked item on the menu had "breakfast potatoes" in it, which is their phrase for tiny little chips smothered with a horrible seasoning. Yuk. I wish we'd gone to MacDonalds now :-)

We had a telephone, but the connection lead was missing so it was unusable.

The hotel offers "Free WiFi" for internet connection. Yes, it's free. No, it doesn't work because the signal is so low everywhere that it keeps disconnecting so you have to keep logging in. Oh dear!

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