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I arrived at Red Mountain a little bit concerned about the place after reading a negative review here. However I found the resort to be just fine. The service is very friendly, outgoing, and accommodating.There is a suburban tract nearby but you really don't see it. (And there is just one nearby. Red Mountain is not in the middle of the suburbs.) Most of the resort overlooks a very pretty view over an amazing lava flow to gorgeous red cliffs. It is just a mile to Snow Canyon state park which is very nice for biking and hiking. The rooms are way above "motel" quality -- more in line with a nice Marriott.I utilized the massage services, rented a mountain bike, went on a hike, and ate a bunch of meals. I was happy with everything. The massages were good. The hiking program is terrific it seems to be their centerpiece and rightly so. They offer three levels of hiking each morning and with small groups no larger than 10 or 12 and two guides per group. The hiking routes change daily and often there is a choice of hikes within each level. I am an avid and fussy mountain biker. I was very pleasantly surprised that they had good mountain bikes, both hard tails and full suspensions, and in good condition.The food was good, enjoyable, healthy, and plentiful. The air conditioner in my room was noisy. They fixed it very quickly and then it was fine.I have been to other resort/spas including Enchantment in Sedona, Miraval near Tucson, and Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. I'd say Red Mountain is in the same leaque but maybe half a notch below those others. They all have somewhat nicer settings and grounds -- and perhaps a little more staff per quest.I had the least expensive room at Red Mountain and found it to be just fine -- similar to the rooms at Miraval. The rooms at CR and Enchantment are nicer but you dont spend much time in them anyway. The food is a little more upscale and tasty at the other resorts. The spa areas are nicer at the other resorts too but Red Mountain is building a new one.In summary the other places are nicer, but not by a big margin. And Red Mountain is much less expensive. On a price to value comparison I think Red Mountain is equal to or better than those others.It's pricing which includes all your meals and many services make it a much better option and experience than staying in the motels and inns in St. George.Id go back again and probably will.

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