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the staff was amazing-- truly wonderful. We travelled with a 10 month old baby and everyone there knew his name and he loved every one of them. The Yellow Tail bar has the best grilled fish sandwich-- absolutely lovely-- I could have had just that the entire trip (and almost did). The suites are amazing with an espresso machine with about 20 different types of coffees you can try (and we did). The suite was decorated in such a tasteful way you actually took a moment to soak it in to see if any of the decor would work at home. It was truly relaxing. You are given access to the Our Lucaya resort which is very nice and well kept. For baby's naps we put him in his pram and walked all over around the Our Lucaya resort and when he fell asleep, we sat under the gazebo and watched people walk by. Pelican Bay is one of those places that if it's raining,you don't mind because you have such a lovely suite to relax in. Highly recommended. And its' right by the UNEXCO. We took our baby to the dolphin experience which was a delight for all of us. Probaby the best thing about Pelican Bay was the staff, though. Truly, kind and thoughtful people. They understand what 'customer service' means (not too common on the Bahamas).

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