Great Place...if you've never been Anywhere! A review of Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

For the inexperienced traveler, or someone who doesn't pay attention to detail, Tenaya Lodge would be an okay place to stay. However, make the mistake of going through any of the unlocked doors for "staff" and you'll never return to this hotel. In simple terms, it's filthy. Assuming the people who run it are not blind, they must choose to ignore the state of their hotel. Aside form the lack of clean that is evident everywhere, the entire place seems to employ nothing but local high school kids who know nothing about service at a supposed "upscale" hotel. Finally, a trip to the so'called "spa" is a real eye opener. Implements used for facials are not sanitized regularly, sheets are wrinkled and re-used until they are obviously soiled, and the noise from the pool located 30 steps from treatment rooms is like being in the center of a day care...loud would be an understatement. I would not return for FREE.

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Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite
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