Great Place, Great Diving, Great People A review of Luna Beach Resort

This was one of the best vacations I ever had. We stayed there in April 2004. Me and my girl got a bungalow, beachfront and everything was fantastic! We hooked up with 16 of our other buddies there and had a fabulous time. The bar tenders were extrememly nice contrary to what I've read in 1 other review. You have to be nice to people to get nice out of people ya know! Anyway, Chuck the owner was really cool and let us throw our own Pirate's Ball where we all dressed up like pirates and had a grand old time. He even opened the beach bar for us in the slow season! That's service!

Diving! The diving was incredible and the dive staff: E.J., Joanie, Tim, Jose, and Edwin did a fabulous job! They are by the book in the dive world and very safe.. Plus they're a whole lot of fun to hang with so if you're a diver this is paradise. Diving is extremely cheap here too compared to most other places in the Carribean! (ask Joanie about the sign language for Grouper and get everyone a big laugh.. Ask Jose the sign language for a big shark and get another laugh!)

As far as getting to and from the airport I would recommend having a person find you a cab prior to going you might be able to ask Luna to recommend someone but we didn't do that so I'm not sure if they do that, you can always ask! An airport ride to Luna Beach would be from 15 to 20 bucks but think about it in the states: it's aroud 30 to 50 bucks depending on where you're at. Also, once you get to Luna ask Jimmy the bartender to hook you up with a decent cabby and they'll help you out. Negotiate a better rate by not taking the first cabby that comes along, asking them how much to go where you want to go, and if it's too high decline! Common sense goes a long way here! Use it!

Anyone that likes diving, partying, safety in a 3rd world country, and good company all around, please go to Luna Beach, you won't regret it. However, if you want to stay in a place where there's 40 people working every minute dressed in little white suits and asking what you want to drink every second, go to Cancun because you won't find that in Roatan anywhere. Luna Beach Resort is the best place to stay on Roatan.. If anyone disagrees besides the owner of another resort, please stay somewhere else and you'll come running back!

Buenos Dias!

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Luna Beach Resort
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