Great place for families with kids! A review of Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa

We live about 2 hours away. We have 2 small children. The first time we stayed here we had a room upstairs with a balcony.. the room did have some ants in the bathroom but then again so did our house at the time. We loved all of the different hot tubs and the pool. The brunch was perfect for our picky eating kids. The 2nd time we stayed here we knew what room to ask for. It was PERFECT .. for us.. we had a hot tub right off of our patio and could easily hear if the kids woke up through the screen door. There is a fridge in the room and we had our ice chest on the patio. There were no ants in this room but it did take them more than 12 hours to remove our food tray from room service left outside our room. We spent hours swimming and since the pools can be used 24 hours a day we got to go at all hours of the night. The massage I had was ok. You can't beat it for the price. We are heading back there this Memorial Day.

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