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I booked the Hotel Lumen because of its great location in the Park Cities area and because of its small, "boutique hotel" size. Overall, I have no major complaints about my stay. It is certainly very different from any hotel I have stayed at previously.

The picture that you see at the top of the TripAdvisor page is exactly how my room looked, except for the large window shown. The sheer cutain that you see is what "separates" the bed from the shower. I second the other review which cautioned about sharing a room with a friend or relative who you wouldn't want seeing you naked in the shower - there is no privacy (backlit shower, glass shower door, sheer curtain).

The other reviews mentioned some problems, which I noted were taken care of on my stay. Now, at least, there is a full length mirror, towel racks - and hair conditioner (which I didn't need, but others noted missing) so no complaints there. The three additional jets in the shower were very nice, as well as the large shower.

My main complaint was the lighting. The room's design is very urban and sparce, but traveling on business and needing to do some work, the first thing I did was go around the room and flip every light switch available. Even with all the lights on, the room was very dark. My room's window was MUCH smaller than the one shown on the picture above, and only had one shade on it (no sheers). So with all the construction workers outside my window, I couldn't even let in natural light to make it a little brighter. Same with the hallways in the hotel. I get the urban design and it was very "cool," but still dark.

Nice things about the hotel: the reservation desk staff as well as the valet staff were very nice and accommodating. They have a wine happy hour in the lobby in the evening, and coffee and tea out in the morning (which was very good). The bed and pillows were sooooo comfortable. And, again, the shower was great.

I would probably stay here again based on the location alone. I liked not having to deal with highways, I liked being in the great SMU/University Park/Highland Park area, and so close to Love Field - it was close to my business stuff and also close to great food and shopping. Again, the hotel staff was super (I do not care whether they are standing or sitting at the front desk, as long as they are courteous and helpful - and they were.)

Overall, not an "amazing" or "fantastic" hotel, but I did have a pleasant stay there and would probably recommend it to someone for the reasons above, cautioning about the shower and lighting.

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