Great location, great service A review of Windsor Martinique Hotel

I never write reviews but my stay at this hotel was so good I had to. My room was absolutely silent day and night, the beach was less than a 1 minute walk away, I felt completely safe in the neighborhood and the staff was EXCELLENT from the moment I checked in until I checked out. My room was very nice and seemed large to me but if your not used to cities it may seem small to you. I can not say enough good things about the staff, they were so kind and very helpful. As an aside, Rio has a bad reputation for crime but I felt as safe there as I have in any other big city I've traveled to, safer than I have in cities like Washington DC and New Orleans, the people of Rio were so friendly it blew my mind. The juice stand on the corner has good ham and cheese for about .75 US and the juice bar two blocks away had filet mignon sandwiches for US4.00, if you are there on a weekend check out feira nordestina in sao cristovao.

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