Great Location, Disappointing Service A review of Spruce Point Inn Resort and Spa

While we had a wonderful week at this beautiful location we were very disappointed with the overall level of service at what was supposed to be a top rated resort. We should have known something was wrong when we had great difficulty getting someone at the resort to answer the phone or respond to our emails in a timely manner. This unfortunately meant that by the time we got through the resort could not handle all of our party and we had to split up. Once at the resort we had extremely mixed service in the dinning rooms where it is clear the resort had difficulty in attracting experienced staff. We enjoyed meeting people from various countries around the world but would have been nice if they could do more than pour a glass of water. Dinners turned into marathon sessions (but food was very good). The other major disappointment was the "heated" pool. On day two of our visit the heater on the pool/hot tub started to "act up" and by day 3 it was totally useless. No one at the resort seems particularly concerned even after we and numerous other guest complained. Finally we were told that the pool company was coming to fix it but not till the middle of next week. Totally unacceptable. Staying on the pool, recommend that everyone avoid the BBQ at poolside - food is close to inedible - really more of a service for workers of the resort. On a more positive note, we had great success with the baby-sitters most of whom doubled up as cleaners during the day. They were all lovely, reliable and great with kids. In conclusion, this resort has decided that their specialty with be to cater to weddings where I assume all their attention and efforts are going unfortunately at the expense of the rest of the resort. They could really use a full time manager to focus on "guest services". An example is the LightHouse, an indoor games area for kids and adults. Every, and I mean every, game was broken and the place was a mess - we wouldn't let our kids in. My recommendation is if you only care about the location - this is the place, but if you want service, try again.

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