Great location but pricey A review of Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center

I chose to stay at the Atlantic Sands because they were one of the very few hotels in Rehoboth Beach that had a website. I like to be able to see where I'm staying before I get there. Their site also mentioned high-speed wireless Internet access, which is important to me since I need to work while on vacation :-( .

I called and made the reservation. The price of over $200 per night for a basic room with "a view of the ocean" seemed steep. I wanted an oceanfront room so the person I spoke to said that for $40 extra per night I could get an oceanfront room with a balcony. Cool, I thought, and I took it.

When we arrived we immediately went to the balcony. It had a GREAT view. It was directly over the boardwalk and had a perfect view of the beach and ocean. It was isolated from neighbor balconies so it felt private. But there was one problem. It was a French Balcony. For those who don't know, and I didn't, a French balcony is barely deep enough to stand on. This balcony was about 16 inches deep (no exaggeration). Now I am a somewhat large person, but even so, I could not stand on the balcony and close the door behind me. There just wasn't enough room.

I however was happy with my balcony once I saw the balconies in the rear section of the hotel. Granted they were full balconies (probably a good 4 feet deep with room for chairs), but the only thing that separated you from your neighbors was a waist-high piece of glass. Zero privacy at all. Neighbors could stand on their balcony and look right into your room. The hotel did also have nice full private oceanfront balconies, but I'd hate to even ask what the price of those rooms was.

The room itself was smallish but nice. It was clean and I didn't have any problems with housekeeping. Taking a shower was interesting because the water temperature kept changing as others in the building turned on their showers or flushed their toilets.

The best thing about this hotel was clearly the location. All I can say is WOW! It was great to be able to walk right out of the hotel, onto the boardwalk, and be only a short block from basically everything. I think we got in our car once the entire trip. We just walked to everything. Coming from a rural area, that is a neat experience.

The beach itself was really crowded, but it was clean and the people respectful. We didn't have any problem with noisy people either in the hotel or on the beach.

The only real negative I can say about the Atlantic Sands is the wireless Internet connection. I had more problems with that than I would have thought possible. It took me almost a day and a call to their tech support just to get my card to see their transmitter. Then there was an $11.95 per day charge, and then the connection kept dropping. I'm not sure what the problem was, maybe it was the signal reflecting through the building, but there was only one place I could get it to work at all, and that was in a hallway right outside the main office. I had a signal strength of 100% but the connection still kept dropping out and I'd have to log back in. I wasn't able to do all the work I needed to do as a result.

Overall a good experience with just a few glitches.

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