Great LAX value if booked at a deep discount A review of Hilton Los Angeles Airport

This middle-aged, middle-class hotel can be a great value and a refreshing LAX-transit stay if booked at a deep internet discount. If you do not mind using an opaque (hotel not specified) internet site like Priceline, you can usually obtain an overnight here for about $35 plus $12 in tax by specifying "LAX 3-star" in your $35 bid. This hotel is so large, even with conventions in town, that rooms are usually available for this discount. At this $35 plus tax non-refundable, non-changeable rate, this heavily-used but reasonably well-maintained full service hotel with free (every 15 minutes) shuttle from LAX is a great way to break up a long air journey. The rooms are standard in size, with formica-particle board furniture, but are comfortable and acceptably quiet for the near-airport location. Just watch out for the high price of any add-ons (phone calls, room service, dining room, etc.). Only the reasonable $6 guest fee for the very extensive fitness facility seemed worth the charges). At the rack rate (who pays that anymore?), one can probably do better elsewhere.

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