Great if you are careful to avoid street rooms A review of BEST WESTERN PLUS Bayshore Inn

Date 12 - 13 Jan 05

Price -$75 net

# of nights stayed-2

Unexpected feesNone

# of beds-2 Queen

Connecting room-No



Access to room-Stairs


Interior corridors-No

Apparent safety-Front - Highway 101, Side -mall & commercial street (loud trucks) - rear & other side industrial with trucks & cars

Hwy access-Very good (too good) - right turn only leaving - Hwy is major north/south artery

Restaurants-Good selection nearby - Marie Calendar's service is spotty

Reception -Very good - casual but professional

Room General

Cleanliness-Very good

Ambiance-Very good

Wall color-Off white - faux crown molding - Nice touch

Furnishings-Good - two chairs - adequate drawer space

Lighting-Work desk has inadequate dim overhead light - better suited for a séance




Work Desk/size-Yes/tiny

Work desk chair height-About 4 inches too low

Closet space-Very good

Bed Linen-Above average quality - sheets fit mattress & stay tucked

Mattress quality-Firm


Ironing board-Yes


Channel selection-Very good

Screen quality-Satisfactory, i.e. normal

Internet Access-Wireless - no charge - toll free assistance

Phonebook-Yes - two years old

Coffeemaker-Yes - on dressing area counter taking up valuable space

Room temperature control-In wall mounted - gentle noise - twist knob control

Ambient noise

Floor above-Very quiet

Hallway-Concrete - no vibrations

Walls-Sound suppression much better than normal

Outside-Get room away from highway - big trucks

Bathroom-Normal operating noise - faucets are unusually quiet

Animals-No barking or meowing(inside or outside)

Bedbugs and/or fleas-No identifiable bites - one mysterious bite - but pets are welcomed in rooms

Refrigerator-Yes - very clean and noiseless as normally left unplugged

Nice Touches-Bottled water in room, high grade bath soap


Lighting-3 incandescent bulbs - soft - not harsh - very good

Shower flow-Very good - no evidence of "Carmel mist" syndrome despite eco freaks -at nearby Humboldt State University

Shower head height-6 feet - Normal

Shower width-About 4" narrower than standard

Counter space-Microwave eats up about a third of available area making space tight

Towels-Above average thickness and softness and numerous

Size-Smaller than normal

Dressing Area Size-Normal

Bathroom fan-Roars

Cups-Ceramic & glass


Hand soap-Standard size

Bath soap-Large size - excellent quality

Shampoo-Yes, good quality

Shoe shine cloth-No

Mirror -High enough

Hair dryer-Yes, nice design but high tip speed low heat output, better to bring your own

Continental Breakfast

Juice-Apple & orange - tiny plastic cups necessitating three trips for normal amount

Fresh fruit -Yes

Hot cereal-No

Coffee-Pump urns - good selection - hot cocoa

Comment-Attendant does excellent job. Separate room for those avoiding typical loud morning news channels in most breakfast rooms. Hot potatoes, sausage, etc. This is what it should be.


Eureka is known for maximizing income from visitors who have little choice along this section of the Pacific Coast. For an area with a depressed economy, accommodations, food, and fuel are suspiciously similar in height and cost. This is one of the better places to stay in the Eureka area where normally visitors are perceived as fruit to be picked. Borders bookstore with good selection of newspapers (including Wall Street Journal) is nearby in adjacent mall.

In Eureka the default tourist attraction is watching the trees grow. The local service zeitgeist is abysmal. The greens have shut the economy down. Be prepared to entertain yourself. High end shopping in Old Eureka. The inmates at Humboldt State are now in charge of the asylum.

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