Great hotel A review of Hotel U Tri Korunek (Three Crowns)

We stayed at the Hotel U tri Korunek for four nights. Eventhough a

little away from the Old Town it was only four tram stops to the

Republic Square. The rooms were very clean, the breakfast was

great and the staff very helpful. The neighborhood was questionable

but we were never afraid to go out at any time. There is a police station a few doors up from the hotel. However, don't expect much

help from the police unless you speak Czech. I had my pocket picked

and after three police stations the only English word spoken was "sorry."

The trams are the best transportation bet. A seven day pass is only $10.00. Don't exchange money on the street. We were searched by

undercover police as suspects in a monetary exchange deal. There is

more music in this city than anyother city in Europe. The Bohemia ticket company is a good bet and is reasonable. Even with all the trouble we had on this trip I was ready to get back on the plane for

another unforgetable experience. Don't forget these people have

their freedom for only twenty some years. The city is all about the arts. Don't be careless with your money and identification papers.

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Hotel U Tri Korunek (Three Crowns)
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