Great hotel A review of Hilton Morumbi Sao Paulo

Stayed here last September. My room had the most beautiful view of the city. For me it was breathtaking, being accustomed to ocean views back home. I sat and watched til the sun hid itself. It was remarkable.

The staff thought of everything that you could need; even a sharpener was on the desk. The room also appeared to be sound-proof as I couldnt hear anything happening outside. It was so quiet I could get a lot of work done. I found it to be an excellent hotel, attractvely decorated, spacious and clean.

What I didnt like was that the bathroom seemed to enhance sounds, and the fact that the BATHROOM door was made from transparent glass. Couldn't figure out how to mask the sounds except to turn up the volume on the television, but if the light in the bathroom is switched off, you will find that the light from the desk or by the bed filtered through the bathroom door will be enough and you can have some privacy.

On checking out, the young man at reception had a problem when I asked him for a pen to sign a credit card slip. He wanted to know if I didnt realize that I could have taken the pens in the room and if I wanted him to send up to the room for them. This was said with ATTITUDE! Please, I only asked for a pen so that I could sign something. Gosh!! He was really an abberation, though. Otherwise, I had an excellent stay.

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