Great hotel A review of Hilton Morumbi Sao Paulo

This is my usual hotel in Sao Paulo, and compared with the business hotels I stay in around the rest of the world this hotel is one of the very best.

The hotel is in a new and attractive building. Views from rooms (especially on higher floors) are breathtaking. All staff speak good English (and tolerate my few terrible words of Portuguese) and provide excellent service. Rooms are of several different designs, but all are nice and the beds very comfortable.

There is a small shopping center under the hotel, which closes in the evening and weekends. There is a food court under the other tower in this complex which you can easily walk to. There is a big, upscale shopping center (Morumbi) a few minutes taxi ride away (hint: take a city taxi, not the hotel car: it is much cheaper, and I've never had a problem with SP city taxis).

On the downside, of course SP is a big and occasionally dangerous city. It is not recommended to walk around the area. I've walking outside from the hotel to the shopping center (D&D) in the other tower, but I wouldn't fancy walking anywhere further.

Note that if you get a taxi from the airport (GRU) to this hotel, pay the rate for Brooklin (spelling?) which is where this hotel is. It is not in Morumbi (which is a more expensive fare). On the way back, take a city taxi for the fixed rate, not the hotel car. Leave long enough to cope with traffic if leaving in the evening.

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