Great hotel with excellent service A review of Courtyard By Marriott Boston Copley Square

After a terrible experience at the hostel we were booked with (see review of Beantown Hostel) we rang around every hotel in Boston trying to find another place to stay. Marriott was one of the only places with a spare room (thanks to the Boston Red Sox playing against New York). Desperate we booked despite the fact that we would have normally never paid so much for a hotel room.

We weren't disappointed. The hotel was beautiful. The staff were very helpful and friendly. They even offer free cookies on check-in. Cranberry and macadamia were on offer while we stayed. The location was brilliant. A quick walk to shopping. Very close to the start of the Duck Tours. There are also a number of great restaurants nearby for dinner.

Despite the fact that we were grateful just to have a room when we booked we were guaranteed a twin room. When we got there we were given a double (although the bed was huge). In response they quickly arranged for us to swap the next day, gave us a free breakfast and happily moved all our bags while we were out sightseeing.

Both rooms were very different layouts but both were very clean, had really comfortable beds, lots of towels and the staff were happy to provide more directly to our room (a problem that we had faced in other hotels). The rooms also had a bar fridge which I didn't see often while travelling around.

Breakfast was expensive and we never would have had it if it wasn't free. However the breakfast was one of the best I came across during my travels. The food was hot, there was plenty of fresh fruit and the fact they make your omelette while you wait was a nice treat. The only problem is that if the hotel is really busy the staff can make you feel uncomfortable about taking a slow (multi-course) breakfast even if no-one is waiting for a table.

The laundry facilities were also a great help if you have been travelling a while. They were some of the cheapest I came across and the hotel offers free boxes of powder if you just go and ask at the front desk.

The hotel also had lots on. One night they had a free chocolate night at Lindor. Over the weekend they had a free afternoon tea which was nice. They also post the weather forecast in the lifts which came in very useful when planning on clothing for the next day.

Overall I would recommend this hotel. It was well worth the price. The service provided by the staff making it five stars.

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