Great hotel if you they don't give your room away. A review of Hotel Residence Mala Strana

We came to Prague with a wedding party. We booked the Mala Strana way in advance. Prepaid for 2 rooms. My friend got there the day before me and he was checked in. No problem. He checked on our reservations. They said there was no problem. We get there from Flying for 14 hours and they start questioning me about all my paper work. After I produced all the paper work, the receptionist pulls out an envelope with my name on it. She told me they were booked up and that they had moved me to a hotel 4 blocks away. I will give another review for that hotel. The Best Western. (hotel-Kampa) Which was horrible. The room they gave us was full of spiders and about the size of a broom closet. 2 days later they let me return back to the Mala Strana. It is a great hotel and I would have loved to stay there my whole time. I have heard this is common practice in Prague, but now I know this is what they do. These rooms were fully prepaid. They would not give my money back.

As for the hotel the beds are nice and it is like a mini suite. The location is great to the Charles Bridge. The breakfast is ok, but for the price awesome. The rooms are very large. I would recommend this hotel to everyone if they were not over booking.

P.S. My friend travelled back to prague a week later and they did the same thing to him.

Good Luck. Great hotel if they let you stay were you paid for.

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