Great Getaway A review of Paradise Stream Resort

Upon arrival it looks cheesy, the lobby and bars have the typical 80's Atlantic City Casino look to them. Service is excellent, they let us check in 1 hour early and check out two hours late. We stayed in the Adam Eve Apple Suite, bring CD's you'll enjoy the BOSE Soundsystem pumping music through out the Suite. The hot water runs out when you filling up the Hot Tub so you have to fill it in increments, and they charge you for movies, and no, they have no adult films, so bring your own if your into that kinda thing. Dinner is nice, you will be seated with other guests unless you ask to be seated alone. When ordering breakfast in bed put numbers next to the items for quantity, the orange juice comes in containers that are suitable only for the 2nd grade lunch room so its best to order three or four. There are many activities to do around the resort, we went in the dead of winter so the extent of our outdoor activity was the walk from the suite to the restaurant for dinner. If you are looking for a one or two night getaway this is the place to go, any longer than that it will become too pricey and you'd wish you had just gone to the islands instead!A^2

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