Great fun for the kids but way too expensive! A review of Smugglers' Notch Resort

I agree with the other poster that it is best to rest privately from another owner. $3,000/per week is just too much money when you can rent a nice place just down the road for much less. we just got back yesterday from smuggler's. we went with our two girs 9 and 6 years old. they loved the kids program and the pools and slides, especially Notchville park. the girls also had fun at all the great family activities: family challenge night, sing along with good time charlie, the magic show, the marionette show, etc.

we got the great deal of %40 off in the second week of july. to get that great deal we had to go to their 90 min time share presentation, which was fine, and we didn't mind so much. the weather was perfect, sunny in high 80's. we did a lot of hiking while our girls were in camp. we also drove to Stowe for lunch and dinner since Stowe offers the best restaurants in the area. smuggler's just does not have a good restaurant and i wonder why? it's ok, but not great. for the same money you can dine like a king at Stowe. we may go back to smuggler's if we get a great deal, otherwise we will stay at Stowe next time. anyway the place is great for kids but not so great for the adults, but i still recommend it!

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