Great for a family get-away A review of Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

Review of the Great Escape Water Park.

We stayed at the Park for two nights beginning on Monday, February 20, 2006. Over all, this is a great destination for a quick family vacation. In addition, when you compare it to Great Wolf Lodge (GWL), this place is superior in almost every category.

So let's first talk about what I feel this place does better than GWL:

- there are bellmen to help with your bags

- there are coin operated washers and dryers

- there is a real restaurant

- there is a broader selection of food within the water park

- the water park is cleaner

- there is assistance at the end of the tube rides to assist exiting

- the wait staff and front desk people are nicer

- there is a boogie board ride in the water park

- the management is available whenever you want to speak to them

- the story hour is read by a real person

- there is a security guard at the entrance to the water park

While the water park at GWL is larger, my children, nor any of the other 100s of children, didn't notice or complain about the difference. There is a sufficient variety of rides in both places that they can amuse themselves for several days.

One additional comment - my youngest daughter knocked her head pretty good on one of the water slides. An accident pure and simple. After a visit to the hospital, exam by a physician, and awarded a stuffed animal - her diagnosis was "normal." I would like to comment that the water park staff responding quickly and professionally.

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