Great food, but disappointing overall A review of Crown and Cushion Hotel

Let's start with the positive. The food at the Crown & Cushion is the best I have ever had in a hotel. We had a special Dinner + B&B rate of £39.50pppn - the menu cost of dinner alone was £28 for 3 courses - so this was a bargain.

Apart from this, everything else was disappointing. The service in the dining room was patchy - really excellent waiters one night, but terrible service the next (had to ask for water 3 times, took ages for food to arrive, apparently no organisation).

But it was our room(s) that really upset us - a stream of niggly problems. The room we got on the first night (no. 14) was good, until we went to bed - possibly the worst bed I have ever slept on. The mattress was basically too old and should have been thrown out years ago (it had "the hotel mattress for the 1980s" emblazoned on it, and had several holes in it). To be fair, they swapped us to another room for the next 2 nights with the minimum of fuss.

However there were several problems with this room as well. There was no remote control for the TV (and the buttons on the front didn't work) and when we got one their was no reception. We asked for a new aerial but they never even called us back. They forgot to give us a fob to operate the heating, and once we got one, one of the radiators had a loose connection so only worked intermittently. There were lights not working, they only left us one bath towel and water dripped from the bathroom fan (which didn't work anyway) on our last night.

So in summary, the food is excellent, the service (dining room and reception) is patchy and the rooms are simply not up to standard.

They don't ask for feedback on your stay, so little chance of improvement......unless they read this!

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