Great Family Vacation A review of The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort

When we first went to the Bay Club we were impressed by the amenities of the villas, so much so that we purchased one.

There are BBQ grills available, hot tub, pools for adults and kiddies, pupu time, ice cream social and activities for kids and adults. With each visit, we have encountered a very cordial staff; we even met with our sales rep who knew we had already bought, asked if we were interested in additional time, and when we said no, he then proceeded to comp us on a round of golf as a thank you for the original purchase. We encountered a problem with a stove burner on our last visit and the staff came and fixed it (wasn't plugged in all the way) within 30 minutes. The housekeeping is prompt and cordial, refreshing our units promptly and efficiently. We have never had a problem with the Bay Club. Any calls to them for additional towels or other amenities are promptly taken care of. We even had an activities rep tell us about a conflict regarding reduced green fees the Bay Club was having with the Kings and Beaches courses and did not schedule a tee time because he felt the fees were a little too high. By the way, we were one of 4 families that purchased here within 2 months and we are going on our 5th year.

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The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort
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