Great - except for... A review of Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront

There is so much good to say about this hotel. On the beach, I love the people they are the greatest, and the sense of extended family I get every time is such a nice feeling. Housekeeping and maintenance, the un-song heroes of the industry, are super; the sales office have been tremendous; the morning breakfast has been brilliantly orchestrated and of course the Oasis, Kokomo?s and the Tiki bar are the excellent. I do not come here for the beach, but more for the people and friendly atmosphere.I am a big fan a paradigms and wish not to see anything change. The following statement is not a call for someone?s job, just a call of frustration. The one and only thing that holds this back from a five-circle rating - at least on this trip - is an isolated incident. The cause for this treatment might rise from exhaustion or a slip of the tongue. I realize that keeping a company face on, 100 percent of the time is difficult. When a customer states there is a problem with the noise leaking into one?s room from Karaoke it might be indicative of some action. It might be time for the individual providing this service to lower the level; if this is not possible; it might behoove the hotel to have a set audio level, and if the person cannot abide, it is then time to find another. When a bothersome observation is declared, I do not think an acting general manager to respond to the customer with, ?You chose that room.? This was quite a shock, since the acting GM has, in the past, been accommodating. An action like this, informs the customer that there is absolutely no recourse, and was personally offensive. If local tenet dictates that grievances are remedied in this manner, maybe a more direct method of contacting corporate offices might be best served by both management and customers. As I have said before, I have never been treated poorly, and will return. I do not want the place to lose its family atmosphere, and understand people do get tired.As I have said, this is a onetime incident. I am sure this will not happen again. I am only placing this here, because I feel there is no where else to go and I would really hate to see such wonderful chemistry come to an end. Keep up the good work?thanks to all?and always look forward to returning.Doug

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