Great deal and lots of fun!! A review of Radisson Hotel Bloomington by Mall of America

Great Deal!! Our family just returned from a 3 night stay at the Grand Lodge from June 19-21. We were traveling with extended family and wanted a place that would be accomdating to all age groups. We definitely found a deal at the Grand Lodge! By making the reservation through the hotel itself we were able to take advantage of the deluxe king room special which included 4 water park passes at a price of $119.00 plus tax per night. The water park admission itself was $17.95 per person so we found this to be quite a deal. Our new spacious rooms were as described by previous reviewers. The rooms did have a nice large closet with sliding doors, large drawers in the dresser, and a nice closed cabinet space above the fridge and microwave where we chose to store some groceries. One thing I would like to mention is that the decor was contemporary so that included the light fixtures. Although the lights looked very nice, our party found the functional use of lighting to be a little lacking. It was particularly dim in the sink area.

In terms of the hotel staff, we found them to be very friendly and helpful for the most part. We did encounter one little snag with the water park passes. When making the reservation we were told that the room came with 4 water park passes. We had two rooms with 5 people in one room and 3 in the other. However, when we went to get the water park bracelets at the hotel desk, the young woman would only give 3 water park passes to the room with 3 people and was going to charge an additional $25.00 occupancy fee for the room with 5 people. We did resolve the issue by saying one of the people in the 5 person room would be staying in the 3 person room. While speaking of the writst bands, I should mention that they are made of paper and frequently fall off. The hotel desk will give you a new one, but the procedure for that varied from day to day. Sometimes you had to have the old wrist band to get a new one and sometimes you didn't. You could just give your room number.

In terms of the water park, we all enjoyed it very much. There were many life guards and lots of towels for use. I especailly liked the part of the lazy river where it looked like you were floating through a cave. There were also 2 very large hot tubs which were built to look like you were beside a cliff and they had small waterfalls in part of them. Everyone enjoyed the many water slides. We also found some inconsistency in the water park procedures. One day we were allowed to take tubes from an area where they were stacked and take them up the slides and another day we couldn't take the tubes up the slides. They had to be obtained at the the top of the slide. We attribute that to perhaps it being new. Another minor inconvenience was that a couple of times I just wanted to go in and watch without swimming, but I had to have the water park wrist band anyway. One day they gave it to me at the water park desk, and the other time I was told to go back to the hotel desk. Just a few more inconsistencies.

One nice feature of the hotel is that it has floor to ceiling windows with window seats in the lobby and in a hallway leading to the water park and across from the arcade that lets you see into the water park and the arcade across the hall. We saw many people taking advantage of this nice feature.

There was a small snack shop inside the water park, as well as a snack shop and restaurant in the hotel. We did not eat at these, but they were available. We did take advantage of a special that was advertised daily which was a 16 in. pizza, family size garlic bread, and a liter of pop. We felt it wasn't too bad a deal and we did still have left overs. There is, however, a 20% gratuity and $2.00 delivery charge added. MOA and some other restaurants, as well as a Wal-Mart are not too far away. A free shuttle is provided to MOA.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to others who are traveling with families and need a place to keep everyone entertained.

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