Great deal and classic building with character! A review of Radisson Royal Moscow

Although I was not so lucky to get a renovated room, I would have to say that for the wholesale rates that I managed, this was a very comfortable and enjoyable place to stay. The room had clean comfortable furnishings and beds and a nice high classically molded ceiling. The staff was friendlier than I had expected and spoke English well. What really impressed me was the included breakfast buffet which was in two grand halls and had the largest assortment of good food that I had seen compared to any other hotel buffet. All of the public marble floored rooms were elegant and well maintained (though the corridors to the rooms had a weary, Barton Fink look to them, only wider) and, yes, they did have a lot of security (a monitor on each floor and around 3 men watching the entry). I suppose the amusing thing was that they seemed more eager to check up on registrations of any female guests to prevent unregulated in-room entertainment, yet every evening there were always four or more obvious working girls at the bar with comparatively unfettered access to the place. It did add character to the hotel to see them awake from a nap at 3 am and carry on a game of cards. Other comments, The Art Club restaurant served excellent traditional Russian dishes, had a lot of charm and excellent service, and the business center was easy for emailing with the help of their friendly staff. In all, this is a great hotel for its price, amenities, and character and I would certainly stay there again.

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