Great, but avoid Falling Rock restaurant A review of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa

We stayed at Nemacolin's Lodge building over Thanksgiving 2004 and had a great time. We'd strongly recommend this resort to family and friends.

But I have to warn you away from the restaurant at the resort's Falling Rock hotel. It's called Aqueous. The food is trying to be hip, with each appetizer and dessert served three ways -- either prepared three ways, or with three kinds of tastes, like carrot soup that is served as a consomme, an essence and a blend.

That's a bit precious, but I can live with it. It's the entrees that really are awful. They are called Aqua + Terra --- what normal humans call Surf and Turf. They are dishes like Panfried Black Cod + Roasted Bobo Squab, or Spotted Skate Wing + Broken Arrow Venison. The combinations are uniformly unappealing, and the preparations are not very tasty.

Plus, the service is lousy. The waiters are all very young, and far too informal for this kind of a place. Our meals were almost cold when they arrived. It's like amateur night.

The chef wants to create a place like you would find in SoHo or Tribecca. And he charges Manhattan prices, with our dinner for three (no wines and no desserts) coming to $240.

Don't get taken like we did.

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